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"Let me just say that I have read several e-books about this subject and none of these lead to success. GKN Moon landing for the rest of us is a totally different . This  guide for Men. is so easy to follow and it only took me two weeks to get where I am today With the Ladies..... I am now looking forward to few fun Star Gazings !                                                              " I simply look Forward For a sequel = )

" It's Beyond thought .....


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The Iconic Flag

No moon landing would be a real moon landing without the iconic "Movies !


On your personal moon map, we have marked a good spot where most smartphones can obtain a good signal. Ask your service provider if in doubt.


 Luxury Phones can be yours, Once you manage to get back home from your journey. These can land at the palm of your hands " Prime time machine " . 

Space Gizmos 

These fun Gadgets may help you with your daily Task back here on  Planet earth from your Travel through the Earths Athmosphere !

Take off Once more

Space Dinner

We deliver food suggestions for your journey

Galactic Fashion

suite up for space, we got you covered

Hyper Speed Communication

Cover wide a range of Sound Orbiting  Pass Our solar System These tools are Necessary !

Your chance for an awesome experience

outside the box today

Now Back Down                            to Earth &  Cities 

We care about this  Planet  and take pride helping Humans through good .  we can help you as well...

Science of Professional Coolness



Yep " it's a science




Frequently Asked Questions



Why Not

we have a good thing

  We do everything possible...


 Professional Rebel !


Hey !!! be back soon

Have Fun " CHECK OUT MORE " Youre Gonna love it ' crazy , sexy Smooth coming REAL Soon !

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